What's web3.0

Emerging Trend
of the Web3.0

After thirty years, the internet era has evolved. The historic move from Web 1.0, “The Internet”, to Web 2.0, “The Mobile Internet”, and ultimately to Web 3.0, which is decentralised. Internet’s digital evolution has once again reached a turning point.

Web 1.0
Static read-only web pages
Web 2.0
Information-centric and interactive
Web 3.0
User-centric, decentralized, private, and secure
The World 5G Convention will establish the Metaverse Forum in order to proclaim Web3.0 as a new iteration of the Internet.

The launch of 5G ushers in a new era for the telecommunications industry, consequently accelerating the internet’s integration with traditional industries and the real economy.

The evolution of the web
The Heat Wave in Year 2022!

National Economy Strategies

The national economic strategy and the world’s tech giants are venturing into Web 3.0

In May, Web 3.0 was the most prevalent trend among 211 global blockchains, with 101 funding-eligible projects. According to the figures provided by Crunchbase (Data Analytics Companies), 152 investment/venture firms invested in Web3.0 unicorns in 2021. Global firms are at the forefront of technological advancement nowadays.

On the capital track, Sequoia Capital, SoftBank Capital, and venture capital institutions have emerged in support of Web3.0 project finance. Hence, Web3.0 will be one of the fastest-growing industries during the next decade.

Singapore held the first Global Summit on Ecological Innovation for Web3.0! Web3.0 professionals from around the world explore new opportunities for the Web3.0 era.

The Japanese Prime Minister has declared his strong support for Web3.0, raising it to the rank of a national strategic objective and underlining the significance of supporting it politically in order to obtain control of the next-generation Internet.

According to the American representative, America will be the cradle of the Web 3.0 revolution, and New York will become the global epicentre for cryptocurrencies and other financial innovations.

MYEG collaborates with MIMOS to create and manage the national blockchain infrastructure of Malaysia in order to integrate the country’s public and private sectors into Web3.0.

Technology Titans

Facebook changed its name to Meta to formally declare its exploration into the metaverse (originating from the metaverse).

In May of 2022, Google officially established its first Web3.0 division. Yuga Labs, the parent company of The Bored Ape Yacht Club, also raised $4 billion in a seed round, with participation from Google Venture.

Twitter released NFT solutions for displaying and validating Twitter user avatars as NFTs.

Multiple Huawei (China) departments, including Huawei Cloud, Hong Meng, and Huawei Wallet, are exploring Web3.0.

FinTech Data Centre——

join forces to tap into Web3.0 technology

Ashoka Venture Capital Limited (AVC)

Ashoka Venture Capital Limited, headquartered in Labuan, Malaysia, is an experienced financial navigator that provides businesses and individuals with a vast array of investment products and services, ranging from trust and investment management to full wealth management.

Aside from that, the investment banking professionals at Ashoka have assisted some of the region’s most highly regarded institutions with M&A, debt capital markets, and equity capital markets.

Ashoka’s brokerage division has provided the fastest and most dependable access to NASDAQ as well as multiple regional and worldwide markets, in consideration of the clients’ desire to enhance their wealth by having the freedom to select the markets that provide the most rewarding results. In accordance with our philosophy of “ethics, trustworthiness, integrity, and service to the community”, Ashoka Venture Capital Limited continues to provide the highest possible investment returns for its clients.

Subsequent Product Plans:

Launch the NAC – ADD2Pay e-Wallet with the bank prepaid card feature for the ease of users in converting USDT to US Dollars and to enhance the user experience.

In conjunction with Tourism Malaysia, the “Labuan Heritage Digital Assets NFT project” would be initiated. World War II vessels that sank in the Labuan waters of the South China Sea in 1945, such as the American battleship, the Japanese battleship, the Australian battleship, and the Dutch battleship, are recovered. Using NAC public chain technology, four Digital Assets with art collection value were created. The NAC public chain technology is used to produce a trustworthy digital asset.

European Credit and Investment Bank (ECIB)

Awarded Exclusive Global Marketing Support!

ECIB’s businesses span the Eurozone, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Malta, China, Dubai, Russia, Romania, and Switzerland, among others. ECIB’s banking experts have aided some of the region’s most prestigious institutions in M&A, debt capital markets, and equity capital markets.

Currently, ECIB is focusing on the global blockchain Web 3.0 by providing exclusive global marketing support to Ashoka Venture Capital Limited and cooperating with a number of trust and asset management firms to offer their clients superior financial solutions.


FinTech Data Centre – Positioned in Malaysia with Worldwide Coverage

ECIB and Ashoka Venture Capital (Labuan) have collaborated to establish the FinTech Data Centre, which is a super artificial intelligence cloud data centre that provides extensive support for the Internet, Web3, Big Data, Metaverse, and hardware computing.

FinTech Data Centre will install the initial batch of 2000 NA Chain Node Servers and anticipates the participation of more communities to address the demand for high-performance servers and new Web3.0 applications.

NA Chain Features

NA Chain: the Next Big Thing in Applications!

Enabling Technology for the FinTech Data Center

Unique Heterogeneous Composite Chain

Combining three types of consensus algorithms (POWF + DPOS + DAS) to produce chains tailored to huge concurrency.

Unique N++ Programming Language

Developers can master the language within five minutes, it is simple to learn and create, and it reduces development costs while attracting a large number of applications.

Constant Transaction Fees

DPOS constant GAS 0.1 U and DAS constant GAS 0.01 U, embedded with real-time exchange protocol for coins’ value stability.

NVM Virtual Machine

NVM Virtual Machine is superior to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) in terms of turing completeness, parallel processing, and timed jobs.

NA-Station as an All-in-One Solution

NA-Station as an All-in-One Solution: developer store, app store, NFT, NAScan, future NAPC, and NOS operating system.

Fully Decentralized Governance Model

Domain name, storage, logic, and data are elements of application development that are hosted on the NA chain. To integrate the foundation of Web3.0's public chain, decentralisation and perpetual operation of the application board must be achieved via the decentralised domain name system DNS, decentralised storage DFS, decentralised website, etc.

NAC Value: Foreseeable Future!

Public Chain Issued Price All-Time High Multiply
SOL 0.22U 259.9U X1181
ETH 0.3U 4868U X16226
NAC 1U ? ?

Total Coin Issue:

75 million pieces

The present output is 15,840 pieces per day, and the output capacity will be halved in four years. You can mine until 2099 (78 years), and your money will continue to flow.

Deflationary Destruction:

28 million pieces

100% destruction of NAC full node server; 10% deflation of NAC on the application layer, such as GAS/DNS/DFS, etc.

Final Constancy:

47 million pieces

Due to its rarity, there are only twice as much BTC as there are on other public chains.

Future that is Secure, Protected, and Valuable!

VPS Cloud Hosting is a risk-free investment to capture the current market.

  • BTC is currently regarded as the top blockchain-based digital currency, whereas NAC is the leading heterogeneous composite chain among Web3.0’s core public chains.

  • The sooner you join in NA Chain’s data node development and receive access to VPS Cloud Hosting computing capacity before it becomes widespread, the sooner you may acquire additional capacity at a lesser price. In the future, NAC will become the dominant digital currency in the growth of the NA public chain ecosystem.

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VPS Cloud Hosting

Using the only consensus arithmetic subsidy mechanism in the world, each VPS Cloud Hosting lease comes with a minimum revenue guarantee of 2000U. With an unrestricted amount of revenue, it is simply a little price to pay for a massive victory.


The Game-Changing Tech Trend!

FinTech Data Centre will lead the NA Chain ecosystem and create splendid moments of applications.

VPS Cloud Hosting encourages you to partake in this era’s prosperity and success!